BBM untuk Android


What is BBM

"BBM untuk Android is an instant messaging application developed by Blackberry and known by users as Blackberry Messenger, available untuk Android"


BBM is the application of instantaneous courier service for Blackberry that RIM designed for its mobiles. Blackberry Messenger supposed the whole revolution on having allowed instantaneous conversations across(through) its service a cost much reduced compared to the SMS. The Blackberry users know for many years the courier service application.

Blackberry Messenger

BBM is the brief name of Blackberry Messenger. BBM untuk Android is the version of Blackberry Messenger untuk Android and BBM for iPhone is the version for the phones of the mark of the apple.

what is BBM

The users faithful to Blackberry who in the last months have bought a Smartphone with Android begin unloading BBM for Android. WhatsApp is the application of courier service most unloaded into the whole world(everybody), but BBM is very stable and the conversations are completely sure. For this motive many users want to unload BBM untuk Android and for iPhone.

BlackBerry Messenger a funny app very safe

The arrival of devices with the Android system and the emergence of tens of Smartphone models have led to a revolution in the mobile communications sector. The possibility of sending text messages, videos and images with applications such as messaging WhatsApp on PC, WeChat app , Line, Tango, it is an attraction for users. Blackberry does not want to be left behind and for this reason has been developed BBM for Android and BBM for iPhone. Now BBM has to compete with applications such as the line that already have versions for personal computer and you can download Line for PC on their computers in your home. But it is also true that more and more users will wonder what is BBM and that functions has BBM to improve the security of your conversations. If we talk about security we need to insist that BBM is the best application of messaging.

Now Blackberry Messenger can be downloaded from millions of Smartphone in the world and makes available to users of the app more secure messaging to keep conversations and send text messages.