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Features BBM untuk Android

"Features BBM untuk Android or BBM for iPhone. You know the functions of BBM."


Instant messaging applications have started a race to offer the best features for the users. The great success that these applications have reached, joined the millions of downloads that receive these apps, make the world of the messaging apps market in a very desired by the application developers.

The way that the messaging apps have to convince their users, is to ensure that your application's usage is the most practical, functional and fun. All of this they do through their main functions, waiting for the valuation of the end user.

The functions of BBM untuk Android are the large banner to fall in love with the potential users that day after day downloaded messaging applications, advised by his family or friends, or simply to test new applications.

features bbm untuk android 

Blackberry Messenger, the best features

Among the functions of BBM for Android we can highlight the following:

BBM untuk Android is the ideal application for users who value high security that offers Blackberry Messenger in their talks, in comparison for example with WhatsApp the queen of the messaging apps. Sends text messages with BBM for Android and don't let other users monitor or spied the conversation.

• BBM untuk Android has a registration system that is not referenced to the number of mobile, the Blackberry Messenger uses a registration and user identification through a pin number, this helps reduce the possibility of receiving spam through the messaging application.

• AND finally BBM for Android is an app with a stability that avoids the unpleasant crashes typical of this type of apps.

These features help to make the Blackberry Messenger app in a very practical, fun and functional.

Don't expect more to download BBM for Android or iPhone and enjoy this safe and fun app.

You can compare the features of BBM with other applications as Line of courier you have for years been developing new features to get more users to download your apps of chat. But the truth is that BBM for Android has the best functions, but has not yet managed to catch up with other applications such as WhatsApp PC . And now has to compete with downloads WeChat that dominates the continent of Asia, WeChat also begins to have millions of users in the United States and begins to be a serious rival to BBM. Anyway BBM is the app more secure of the sector and provides a good basis for users.